Clothing Comes in Many Styles, Patterns and Personalities

When shopping for clothing, many factors are involved in the purchase process. Let’s take girl dresses, for example. There are many dress patterns to choose from. Some girls like bold patterns. Others like solid colors. Some like pastels and others require their entire wardrobe to be black. What a girl chooses has a lot to do with her personality.

 If you are choosing an outfit, as a gift, take a moment to think about her personality. Is she bubbly, dramatic, or conservative. Also, take a look at what she currently wears. Does she like silky fabrics or crochet, or lace? There may be some excepts to the rule in her closet, but in general she will have a certain style that she sticks with.

Choose clothing and patterns that go with her body type, as well. Curvier girls should avoid horizontal stripes. Extremely slim girls, can get away with them. Solid colors, also, cause a slimming effect. Is there a certain feature that she wants to accentuate? Maybe she is proud of her legs? Shorter skirts can accentuate this area. Lower neck lines will display a graceful neck. Your clothing choices should be based on her personality and what will help her look attractive.

Often, certain outfits are bought for a particular purpose. Club clothing is usually completely different than what a girl will wear during the day. Casual clothing, like sun dresses, can be worn during the day. Flashier clothing or ones that are a bit more revealing, are appropriate at night. You can also buy accessories to make your daywear more sophisticated, and even turn them into night time attire. Knowing the purpose behind the item of clothing, is important.

If you are looking to save money, choose several solid colored tops and mix and match them with skirts and pants, with a bit of flair. You can also reverse this and get solid colored pants and skirts and tops with interesting patterns or designs. This way, each item can be used often, without looking like you are wearing the same outfit all of the time. It is like getting double the wardrobe, for your money.
Whatever your reason, whether you are buying clothing for yourself or someone else, have fun with it. Choosing dresses and patterns and styles is fun. Mix and match, while you create styles for every occasion. Allow yourself to enjoy your shopping, while buying clothes that either you or the person receiving it will cherish.