How to wear winter dresses this season?

Cold temperatures are nearing, and with that comes winter women’s clothing. It could be a tricky task to choose what to wear in a cold season both not to get cold and at the same time to look chic. In these situation women dresses stand out as multifunctional item of clothing. Firstly, they can considerably improve you look hiding some imperfection of you figure due to the density of material. Secondly, nice dress helps ladies to look festive and on-trend when all other people are deep in winter depression. For the last years, velvet, printed brocade, tweed, tartan, leather and suede have been popular on runways. Wool, as one of the natural, through capricious materials, never goes out of fashion. Trendy length is MIDI. In winter long dresses goes only for special occasions, then they look ok.

Stylish winter dresses: how to choose?

Fall-winter is time for wearing sculptural dresses – thick fabrics that keep their shape, no shackles and obscure collars. They always look simple and elegant doing without additional accessories.

Another winter trend is the so-called “smart dresses”. They are made of thick wool with the addition of spandex or any other elastic material.

Lots of women turn to knitted girl dresses for these really cold days. One of them that most girls opt for is the dress that looks as it consisted of two parts. This is just a visual effect. The top part is a knit in black; the second part (it starts on the waist) looks like a plaid woolen skirt reaches below the knees. It is considered to be a perfect winter dress, looking stylish in different occasions.

Trendy colours of winter dresses

Traditionally and unconsciously, in the cold season summer brightness gives in to quiet and placid tones.

General recommendations for winter women’s clothing are:

Purple or violet. These colors are usually preferred by a gifted personality. Once the mantle of purple covered kings’ and monarchs’ shoulders. The dye was extracted from shellfish, and the price for it was also royal.

Burgundy (the color of red wine) is recognized as a noble and genuine, intense and subdued color. It is suitable for blondes with porcelain skin.

Total red look, or total red. In this case, the red will be not only a piece of clothing, but the whole look. For example, a red dress and bloody lipstick, red velvet suit and red nails. But if the color is too “loud” and inappropriate, it is better to save it until the spring.

Curry and mustard. These colors can be easily combined. Don’t choose too pale shades, in winter they look boring.

Plaid prin. In the winter it stands out. And do not limit your look with a banal tartan scarf. It is better to buy a dress and tippet in the style of Donna Karan.

What do winter dresses go with?

Winter dress perfectly goes with high boots. The dress-sweater looks good with exclusive knitted ugg boots and winter shoes. The boots of medium length are not for everyone. The color of tights should match the tone of shoes to create the effect of long legs.

As for bags, winter is a period of bags that come with bigger sizes; clutches should wait for spring or summer. In winter it is more practical to choose handbags with short handles, as you are carrying the bag on shoulder straps it can spoil your fur coats.