Top advices for fashion photo shoot

Top advices for fashion photo shoot

Before taking photograph sessions you should know some tips. To make fashion photos you must work hard on clothes and make-up. If you are wearing an amazing dress, it’s better to make a low-key make-up. Vise-versa and you can draw more attention to make-up than to clothes.


Posing is one of the most difficult moments, so you can flip through fashion magazines and see pictures of models. Even experiment with mirrors. Find poses that are more suited to you, whether natural, invent something, and you get an unforgettable picture.


The studio is the perfect place for a photo, because in the studio, photographers can easily control the lighting and shooting conditions. If the shooting is going to take place in a studio, it is necessary to measure the intensity of light in all areas of the scenery, to avoid unwanted shadows, and used for this purpose a stand-alone light meter to get a more accurate value.


If you can not afford to take photographs in a professional studio, you can try a photo shoot on your own, in a normal apartment. So, how to do a photo session at home? Free more space in the room, directly in front of a large window curtain off the window with a white sheet or cloth fabric. On a clear sunny day, you need a homemade soft box, to create a soft diffused light without harsh glare.


If you are planning to take some pictures outside the studio, the first thing you need to determine is the best location for photos. Finding the right place is very important if you want your picture to have any message. For example, the avant-garde, aggressive or provocative style of dress and cosmetics, the best suited background is high-rise buildings of the city. For a collection of spring and summer clothing more suitable for rural landscapes, such as a field, meadow, beach, woodland or river.