Top advices for fashion photo shoot

Before taking photograph sessions you should know some tips. To make fashion photos you must work hard on clothes and make-up. If you are wearing an amazing dress, it’s better to make a low-key make-up. Vise-versa and you can draw…

When shopping for clothing, many factors are involved in the purchase process. Let’s take girl dresses, for example. There are many dress patterns to choose from. Some girls like bold patterns. Others like solid colors. Some like pastels and others…

If you are going somewhere with your young daughter then most typical task becomes the selection of appropriate dress. Nowadays fashion is changing so rapidly that no dress can be said as new fashion updated dress. The girls dresses are…

Girls love dress patterns that make them look beautiful and attractive, and crochet patterns are also important in any wedding dress out there. We are going to talk about what a bride can do to get the right dresses for…

Cold temperatures are nearing, and with that comes winter women’s clothing. It could be a tricky task to choose what to wear in a cold season both not to get cold and at the same time to look chic. In…

What is the luxury clothing in the modern sense, taking into account that our understanding of comfort, style and design change every day? The fundamental truth is in high quality and gorgeous look, both of which are preferable over the…

TOP vintage trends for women

When talking about retro dresses, the first prominent era of fashion trends coming to mind is traced back to the ‘50s.

TOP easy dress patterns for women

In case you are looking for a fresh idea to sew or crocket a nice dress, you are on a right way. The Internet offers various dress solutions for every taste and occasion.

Which flower girl dress to choose?

Choosing a flower girl dress is really challenging as it should fit not only the flower girl but agree to the style of the ceremony and the bridal dress as well.

Perfect wedding in blue – choosing best blue flower girl dresses!

Wedding is awesome, no matter how thoroughly planned it is. Any ceremony with a bride and cute flower girls is just amazing.

Silver flower girl dresses – the best way to make the dreams of a girl to come true!

Each girl dreams of being a princess. If the dream is far from turning real there is still a chance to help the dream of a small lady to come true.

Simply gorgeous red flower girl dresses will make your little beauty look irresistible!

Each mom wants her little princess to look awesome. Though little girls are the prettiest creatures in the world, the only thing which can add their charming beauty is red flower girl dress.

Three reasons not to avoid black skinny jeans men

Cheap mens black skinny jeans or men skinnies are usually featuring snug fit of the legs and end in a narrow opening.